Mexican Apron El Mariachi

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Our unique Mexican Aprons feature the most significant characters of our culture, like Frida Kahlo, sugar skulls, Mexican bingo, Day of the Dead, catrinas and so much more Mexican themes! 

We use premium quality gabardine fabric and HD quality prints for a very bright and colorful finish. We will ship it starch sprayed and ironed. It will get softer after the first wash. 100% washable and iron safe.

Every apron comes with adjustable straps, no matter how tall or short are you, no matter your size, our aprons will fit just right!
We also added 2 roomy pockets for better functionality.

The measurements are:

L 26.5" x W 22"

The neck strap is adjustable up to 26" which is 13" from the upper area of the apron to the tallest part of the neck.

The waist straps are 23" each, it comes with two, one on each side, to tie them together in the back.

Our aprons can be used for the kitchen when cooking, in the garden, around the house when cleaning, even at a trunk show if you are a seller!
The 2 pockets can be very useful to keep your utensils, cash, phone, etc while working.

The style you see in this listing can be print practically on anything like t-shirts, caps, cups, handbags, wallets, baby onesies and so much more!
Please request a custom order, we will be very glad to work with you!

All sales are final. Exchanges allowed on or before 14 days after delivery, buyer pays to ship it back and forth. 

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