Ocean Huichol Beaded Sandals

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Mexican leather sandals handcrafted in Aguascalientes and embellished with authentic Huichol beaded accents made by the Huichol tribe. 

They have rubber soles for extra comfort. High-quality shoes and beautiful design and colors, perfect for summer! 

They are true to size. I personally experienced that leather shoes expand with use, so even if they fit a little tight the first day, they will feel great by the 2nd day.

Producto 100% artesanal, hecho a mano, diseños exclusivos.
Curtido al tanino vegetal.
Calzado piel ternera.
Forro Piel.
Suela de hule.

Cuidados generales del calzado:

  • No mojar
  • Limpiar con trapo seco y grasa neutra
  • Puede protegerse con spray



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