Mexican Chiapaneca Dress for Girls Black

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Step 1: Please measure your girl from the waist to the desired length (the girls in the pictures are wearing a skirt with a floor length).

Step 2: If you want the skirt to look puffier we suggest to add a crinoline/petticoat, we have them for sale here and we also have the sashes/belts listed for sale in several colors. 

Once you know the length you need, request the size according to this

Skirt Lenght Chart:

Size 6-12 months: 9" to 10" - 1 or 2 embroidered layers

Size 2: 14 to 15" 3 embroidered layers

Size 3: 16" to 18" 4 embroidered layers

Size 4: 21" / 22” 5 embroidered layers

Size 5-6: 26"/27" 6 embroidered layers

Size 7-8: 29"/30” 7 embroidered layers

Size 9-10: 35"/36" 8 embroidered layers 

We also carry adult sizes!

🚨Belt and flower hair piece are sold separately 


I M P O R T A N T  I N F O

The dresses are actually a top and a skirt. They are made with silky black fabric and embroidered tulle fabric using multicolor cotton or silk threads (we will fulfill the order with either one or the other depending on what we have in stock)

They are embroidered by hand then sewn together using a sewing machine. The shoulder neckline is adjustable with a string ribbon. The skirt waist is also adjustable.

Some skirts will have a drawstring style waistline, those are easy to use, just pull and make a bow.

Some skirts will have 4 tips, here are the instructions to tie them correctly:

1. Put the skirt with 2 tips in the front and 2 in the back.

2. Take the 2 tips in the back and tie them in the front where the belly button is

3. Take the 2 tips in the front and tie them the back, making a bow. 

The top and the skirt are both roomy, they may look too big for your little girl, but that is the way they are made, a fast way to ensure you got the correct size is to put the skirt on your little girl and check the lenght.

The skirt must be ankle or floor length, if when you try it on her the skirt is long enough to cover the ankles or barely hit the floor and it does not goes longer than that, then you have the right size. The top have a drawstring ribbon in the shoulder line that you can loose or tight as you please, making a bow to secure it, it also have a drawstring ribbon in the sleeves that you can adjust making a bow as well.

Every dress is one of a kind, please call or message us to request specific pictures if you want to see the dress before we ship it.



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