Wholesale FAQ

Wholesale FAQ's

1. What discount do I get?

30 to 50% of our MSRP. You will enjoy $100 off your first order if placed on our Faire site: http:www.faire.com/direct/cielitolindo

2. What is the minimun amount to purchase Wholesale price?

There is no minimum when you place your order through Faire: http:www.faire.com/direct/cielitolindo

3. Do I have to be a registered business to get Wholesale prices?

Yes, you need a Tax ID Number if ordering at our Faire site. But we have other options if you do not have it. Contact us for more information at 956-331-5937

4. Do you have a Wholesale catalog?

Yes, go to http:www.faire.com/direct/cielitolindo to check it out now!

5. Can you custom made a wholesale order?

Yes, you must order 3 months in advance.

6. How do I pay the Wholesale Order? 

Place the order at http:www.faire.com/direct/cielitolindo and you can pay with many different payment options, Faire even offer up to 60 days credit for qualifying customers. 

7. Do you give credit?

Faire gives you up to 60 days to pay when you quality, go now and find out! Here is the link  http:www.faire.com/direct/cielitolindo

8. Can I purchase in person at the store?

Yes of course! 

9. How is the purchase process?


It is as simple as shopping online, go to http:www.faire.com/direct/cielitolindo and start adding your selections to your cart!

10. Will I pay for Shipping?

Yes, you will pay insured shipping. We have competitive commercial rates and shipping is affordable in most cases. Sometimes we run Wholesale Specials offering Free Shipping too.

11. Se habla español?

Claro que si!

If you have further questions do not hesitate to communicate with us!

Call or text at 956-331-5937 that is the fastest way to get all your questions answered, otherwise you can email us at OrdersCielitoLindo@Gmail.com



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