San Antonino Embroidered Deshilado Dress

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Extra Fine Hand Embroidered Frayed Fine San Antonino Cotton dress. Designed to have a relaxed fit, this top features long sleeves, hand embroidery and hand fraying. Breathable, lightweight and effortless, it's destined to become your summer wardrobe staple.

A single piece can take up to 3 months to finish.

San Antonino embroidery is one of the most beautiful, intricate, and harder to make, it takes time but the finished garments are just breathtaking, only very talented artists have the patience and skills to create something as unique.

The fabric is poplin, thin, and fresh, the floral embroidery is made with silk thread in bright colors. The sleeves and neck are crocheted . The back has embroidery too.

This dress is perfect for a wedding, Mexican Party, or any event!



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